A Fiori Journal : Collecting on all the Promises within Adaptations
Javascript uses the promises to execute asynchronous functions. In another blog, I will discuss a way to raise a dialog box from a Fiori Elements List Adaptation. Here we look at using promises to collect
 Good to know- How to work efficiently with the language adaptation. (C4C 2002)
As an administrator, you can translate or adjust texts for most areas such as application work centers, Feed, Live Activity, Enterprise Search categories, and most texts created in the SAP Cloud Applications Studio. For example, if
 Fetching picklists from SuccessFactors and implementing custom lookup using Groovy Script in CPI
Introduction In this blog, we will see how a SuccessFactors picklist lookup can be implemented and consume the picklist <key – value> pairs in the incoming XML and further message processing using SAP cloud platform
 Managing Financial Close Tasks: An Ideal Combination of SAP Solutions
Elizabeth Milne, Accounting and Financial Close Expert, SAP Molly Boyle, SAP Solutions Expert, BlackLine It’s well known that “closing the books” is priority one for Accounting and Finance. At the end of each period, professionals