Blog It Forward – Ronnie André Bjørvik Sletta
Thank you to Susan Keohan, for resurrecting BIF, and to Nabheet Madan for challenging me to blog it forward. I’ll try to keep this to the point, and it might get a bit visual, but let’s
 How to Use the HANA ML Library Within a Python Operator in SAP Data Intelligence
Andreas Forster describes in his blog how to use the HANA ML library in the context of Jupyter notebooks – both standalone and embedded in SAP Data Intelligence – and how to use the intrinsic
 Blog It Forward- Gaurav Karkara
Thanks to Nabheet Madan and Sudip Ghosh for nominating me to complete this challenge and i am more than happy to write this blog as it gives me the opportunity to ask a few questions
 EIPinCPI: Message
Previous: Index | Index | Next: Command Message This week, we’re going to study our first integration pattern known as Message. When do I use this pattern? I like to think of Integration as ‘enablement