Building connected UI5 apps using Fiori Elements
It is a common requirement to enable app to app navigation and intra-app navigation when building a suite of UI5 apps. Anybody who has experience with traditional UI5 apps (free style apps before the Fiori
 xsjs Job Notification Via Email with Attachment
Hello All One of the requirement that we often come across is Jobs Execution Notification in SAP HANA via email .So i thought to spend some time on this.I also want to address the issue
 Fiori Elements List report display and upload images (part 1)
Recently, in one custom application I had the opportunity of creating a custom app displaying a list of SKUs (articles /materials) using Fiori Elements List report floorplan. The custom app (sample shown below) had a
 The Future of Technology is Fused With Blockchain and IoT
If you ask 100 people today, the technologies that would change the way things work over the next decade, their answers would definitely include the two: Blockchain and IoT. While IoT has been here for